Denver Nuggets 2013: Rising Stars in the NBA – A Season to Remember

    So, the Nuggets. Really not a team that is talked about a lot. Well, at least not to the extent the top teams are talked about. Why am I writing about the Nuggets? I have been a fan and enjoy the chemistry and the team in general. I have watched Nuggets make it into the playoffs and while they did perform, it was still the playoff atmosphere that seemed to be the factor that influenced the way they played. There were seasons where they were steady at the middle of their conference however this season, they seemed to have improved. That is given the nuggets were at around 8th spot in their tough western conference at the first quarter of the season. They have since then, made a nice little, (well not really little) spree of wins that they put together which were quite impressive and are slowly starting to excel at the general style of the game.

    Many individuals could indeed find it impressive that the nuggets are currently in 4th spot in the western conference after just winning against the Cleveland Cavaliers 111-103 bringing their record to 33-18. Cleveland themselves were on a winning streak, not that large but still significant given their spot in the conference and the league. This however, did not slow the nuggets as they  played quick basketball driving lanes making dunks and fast breaks that brought them up from the slight deficit in the early game. They ended up gaining the momentum and taking their NINTH win to continue their streak. Now before this nine game winning streak they had a 6 game winning streak that was concluded in a game against the Oklahoma City Thunder. However given Nuggets played Oklahoma the next game also they ended up winning in that one this time stopping the Oklahoma’s win streak. From then on nuggets have been consistent.

    Nuggets are an interesting team to observe as they do not have a given superstar. They do have a lot of players with talent no doubt. Danilo Gallinari, Ty Lawson and Andre Igoudala are sure great players however there is also simply the fact that they dont score the points many of the superstars score, such as Kobe Bryant Or Carmelo Anthony. There is however, other factors such as great defence. Defence in general. The fast breaks Nuggets are able to produce really show their skill. They have a great combination of players to pass to off an organized play, or simply run a fast break get a good layup or dunk to get the nice 2 points. While Nuggets do play the very traditional basketball they also do some great plays such as this one in a recent game against the Milwaukee bucks.[youtube=] These kind of plays are what the Nuggets need, this is beyond the fact of the two points, which were still needed and the play was no doubt clutch. However this is about team morale. Getting a win like that is nothing short of epic and the team knows this. This gives them momentum and the feeling of significance to get on the court and play the game and they should be proud of themselves for the accomplishments they have achieved.

    The Nuggets next game is against the Boston Celtics which funny enough, have the second highest win Streak (of 6) in the whole NBA League. Nuggets being the top with nine. This is an very interesting game and can really be and important momentum shift for the teams. The Nuggets are really performing well this season and have records that actually shows wins similar to the very top teams in the league. This unique composition of great talent is working well for the team and their coach George Carl. They are a great team that continue to strive forward with determination and skills. GO NUGGETS!

    Image Content: Ty Lawson\” by Keith Allison is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0.

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